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Ways you can help the SPCA


The Adopt, don’t Shop campaign was started to bring public awareness to the plight of homeless animals and to encourage prospective pet owners to adopt from SPCA’s, animal shelters and rescue groups as opposed to buying pets from on-line retailers or pet shops.


Any donation is welcome, no matter how big or small. Every cent raised towards supporting our cause and protecting the rights of animals in our community. A gift promoting kindness, compassion and protection will enable us to help animals throughout the year and years ahead.


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Tangled Web Abuse

  THE TANGLED WEB OF ABUSE Studies show that people who abuse animal were 5 times more likely to have a record of violent crimes.  The link between cruelty to animals and violence towards humans has become common knowledge. When a child is caught abusing an...

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Dog Fighting and Poison Info

COMBATING DOG FIGHTING Dog fighting tears at the moral fabric of society. It condones a level of violence and cruelty that not only has great consequences to the community that tolerates its existence, but it also walks hand in hand with other criminal activities....

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Child Abuse

Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse are closely linked. Research has revealed that a high number of aggressive inmates had committed multiple acts of animal abuse as children.   MANY INFAMOUS SERIAL KILLERS BEGAN WITH ANIMALS Albert De Salvo, known...

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